Monday, November 7, 2011

Vegas is an Art Museum

Looks like Dale Chihuly at Treasure Island?

I went to Vegas this weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday.  Even though it has a reputation for being tacky, Vegas actually has art oozing out of its pores.  There are street performers, art galleries, fabulous examples of architecture, and all kinds of art mediums; glass, sculpture, fashion, and tile-work are just a few things I admired.

I think what Vegas really suffers from is not enough "white space."  Just like any good designer will tell you, the eye needs some space to rest.  All the great art in Vegas can be hard to take in; the eye is working overtime!   Vegas is famous for sensory overload, but this time I noticed that it was an "art overload."

I can get overwhelmed at museums, not from walking around, but from visual fatigue.  So I tried my favorite museum strategy, and only carefully looked at the pieces of art that were visually attractive and compelling to me.  I didn't see everything, but I liked what I saw, and best of all, I remembered what I saw!

Fall leaves at the Bellagio.

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