Monday, October 31, 2011

Creativity and a Child-Mind

Juan Carlos shows me his family altar.
My personal ofrenda.
   In the same way that going to a costume party without a costume on is no fun at all, going to an art event and not participating is pretty lame.  Why are you at the concert if you aren't going to listen to the music?  Why go to Celebraciones de la Gente if you aren't going to make a couple of paper flowers or color a calaveras?  Why even watch a street performer if you aren't going to clap and interact with them?  

  This week I DID participate in the artistic experience.  I went to the Museum of Northern Arizona, for their Dias de los Muertos, and taking the cues from all the children around me, I colored a calavera mask (complete with "jewels"), made paper flowers, and got a personal tour by 10 year old Juan Carlos (he's also featured in the Arizona Daily  Sun) who showed me his family's ofrenda, or altar. The craft table was full of other kids-- like me-- who just wanted to engage by creating.
  I was just lazing around in the sunshine on Heritage Square when I got caught up in the street art performance of Dizzy Hips (he holds the Guinness Book of World Records for hula-hooping the most hula hoops).  He also hula hoops a 102 lb. tractor tire.  There was a lucky kid who got a ride in the tractor tire (a la Scout Finch from "To Kill a Mockingbird") and after the show, I mentioned to Dizzy that I sure would like a tractor tire ride.  So I got one.

  I giggled the entire time, and spent the rest of the night trying not to get sick.  But I sure was engaged in that show!!

  It's so much more fun when you are part of the artistic process.  Somehow little kids know this instinctively.  If you are bored with the art you're taking in, maybe you should take a look at all the kids.  What are they doing?  Most likely, if it's a truly creative, interactive experience, they are CREATING and INTERACTING.  It's easier for kids to be silly and take part in those activities.  Creative playtime isn't just for kids--it's for everyone.  

  Let go of your inhibitions, and have some FUN for Chrissake!

This be me.


  1. Thanks for coming out to the MNA for Celebraciones! It was great to see you there.

  2. Thanks to you Anne! It was very fun, and the people were very charming!!