Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fashion Film Festival: Review by Roger Lohr

       Nominated for four Academy Awards in 1958, “Funny Face” is the now classic story of Jo (Audrey Hepburn), a book store salesgirl who is dragged into the world of fashion by the promise of being able to go to Paris, France.  She meets Dick (Fred Astaire), a handsome photographer, in the bookstore where she works while cleaning up after his photo shoot.  Dick and the magazine editor Maggie are both intrigued by Jo’s appearance in one of the shots from the shoot and entice her into a modeling contract which she reluctantly accepts.  She feels that the fashion industry is nonsensical but as the movie progresses she learns to love her new job and her photographer.

     The movie is thoroughly enjoyable with its snappy dialogue and exquisite shots of Paris.  Hepburn really makes the movie with her reluctance to model and passion for life.  The fashion in the movie is spectacular.  It was so good that the film was nominated for the costume design category at the Oscars.  Hepburn’s beatnik look in the famous club scene was so iconic that The Gap decided to use it in their ad campaign for skinny black jeans.  I really enjoyed this musical romance and highly recommend it.

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