Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fashion Film Festival: Review by Maxwell Wheeler

                I often wake up and find myself looking at the calendar to see what I should wear. Work day? Pants. School day? Whatever is cleanest. Date? Call sister for help. So when I was asked to review a film about fashion, I was a little more than hesitant. My eyes were opened and my perceptions fashion changed after watching ‘September Issue’.
                At the beginning of the movie I had no idea how to react to what I was seeing. An icy head editor of one of the worlds leading fashion magazines travels the world criticizing fashion designs and sketches. She makes decisions on good or bad fashion in a manner of clarity and certainty that is astonishing. At first I was confused as to how and why she was able to make such instant judgments on expensive tailored fashion and design, and then I started to realize that fashion is a different world. Just like my own world of mechanical design would seem foreign and strange to many people, I began to see similarities between the two.
                The movie follows Anna Wintour and her staff in a documentary style story about the creation of the largest issue of Vogue ever produced. Countless, beautiful photo shoots and fashion designs are brought before the editor in order to be harshly criticized. Top designers of the worlds leading fashion names sit nervously at meetings to take directions from Anna on what to create, all in the hopes of having their designs featured.
                I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who can see it. It is a well filmed and highly personal look into a multi-million dollar industry. Even those who don’t see the purpose of high fashion can still appreciate the time, effort and commitment that go into a single month’s issue of Vogue.  We are always told to culture ourselves, but how many actually take the time to appreciate the culture right in front of us?

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